Saturday, November 14, 2009

Customer Compliment!!


On occasion I have seen things written here about various children's consignment shops in the area. I have myself written about my poor experience with Lots for Tots. Within that time frame a woman wrote to me about the Children's Barn.

On a whim today going into Manchester I gave the store a call. I was told, like most any shop, they make appointments for reasons of time/funding. I replied "ok, I just happen to be going that way".

Before I can hang up she says "hey listen, stop in and let's see what we can do". I stop in several hours after our conversation. At this point she is in the middle of a sale with another client. My husband and I watch her announce her quick break to her present client to instruct me as to where I can safely put my belongings and directs me to points of interest and quickly re-engages with her client. While I'm frantically looking thru clothes (as we have two toddlers in tow) my husband whispers to me "hey, maybe this isn't a good time. I just heard her on the phone saying she is low on cash due to all the clothes she has bought today (it is approx. 1pm at this point).

Before we could make our decision she calls me over and shows me what she wants. What she doesn't want is the summer clothes because she can't sell them now and she is already up to her neck in them out back. "BUT", she says, "bring them back in March because they are nice clothes I just can't use them right at the moment". We conclude the sale with more cash for less clothes than Lots for Tots offered me. On top of the more than fair sale, everyone was friendly and the store itself was very clean and organized. One thing I found really interesting is that they had print outs of product information on the larger non-apparel items.

Bottom line is it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell. =)


(written by Jennifer Trottier on a Craigslist posting. Thank you Jennifer!!)

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